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What is Turbo Air Ventilator and It's Benefits?

Air Creations India is an ISO 9001:2008 certified future driven company. Our technical expertise has permitted is to introduce our new product that modify resources, hence making sure that people optimize the maximum use of natural resources. By introducing our new eco friendly product we are concreting a green way for our future biogenesis.

We believe in squiring raw materials indigenously with latest technology that’s why our manufacturing cost changes drastically, proving that our products are cost effective according to their quality. Our tremendous technology developers shorten our production time through which we are able to satisfy our customers in a short span of time.

Our Product

=> Turbo Air Ventilator (Green Revolution in your factory)
=> Air Ventilator

Product Description

Air Creations India’s Turbo Air Ventilator is detected by its characteristics nature to use the common clamor of twist to draw dust and heat out of rooftop. To show how it functions, the wind turns the turbines by moving bladed vanes. As a result of this low weight is made which drives hot air let some circulation into. The vanes move at the smallest push and go ahead /move forward not with standing position when the breeze has stopped because of the fly wheel hit effect using the energetic body weight.

This encourages the fumes (solid basic structure on which bigger
things can be built) to work round the clock with no  consumption on power. These new and interesting systems effectively remove heat, dust, fumes, gases and smoke from industrial sheds.

Turbine air ventilators are (good for the planet) and they are
money-saving (fresh air /machines that bring fresh air) system.

Advantages of Turbo Air Ventilator

Ø  Allow outside air to flow upward and out of the factory area
Ø Helps prevent heat, moisture and dust from being trapped in top floor atmosphere. Prevent rotting, rust, wear and tear, peeling
paint and wall damage.

Ø  Provide consistent (fresh air/machines that bring fresh air)
without using electricity for a year.

Ø  Being the manufacturer we design the ventilator in any size as per requirements.

Ø  We use SS304, ALUMINUM and POLYCARBONATE for manufacturing our product.

Ø  This ventilator provides natural exhaust.

Ø  Its rain and bird proficient

Ø  Live longer and maintain the life of roof sheet.

Ø  This feature of air ventilator makes it a dominant airing solution
in the market. Our work services have given us the advantage of being superior Turbo Air Ventilator manufacturers in the industry.

Ø  Imported ball bearing and other ingredients.

Ø  Good quality Stainless Steel body. All the brackets are made up of SS304 having( slow chemical breakdown of rust) resistant ability.

Ø  Earth-health protection, energy saving and there is no electricity cost.


We offer the whole control bundle from following the supporter in and out, controlling the money giver to and from their stopping slow down and (promising that something definitely happen as described all exchanges are exact and the office is secure.

The business of getting material from us to client ,is the way towards  catching  time and cost of moving merchandise between the producer and the client’s purpose of purchase was held back all rivals in the transportation market to figure out how to move items quicker and all to move squalidly at lower cost, year in and year out. 

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What is Turbo Air Ventilator and It's Benefits?

Air Creations India is an ISO 9001:2008 certified future driven company. Our technical  expertise has permitted is to introduce our new pr...